Fresh Ingredients Prepared With Love

Fresh Ingredients Prepared With Love

Take a look at our full food and drink menu

Traditional Mexican food was never meant to come off an assembly line. True flavor comes from fresh ingredients cooked with care and attention. In the mood for a home-cooked meal? Order your lunch or dinner from La Receta. We offer several different food and drink options for curbside pickup or delivery.

Because we're a small operation cooking every single dish fresh, we simply ask that you place your order well in advance. You can order over the phone, on this website or off of our Facebook page.

Your weekday dinner plans just got a whole lot easier

Everything on our menu is cooked fresh right in our kitchen. No preservatives, microwaves or mystery ingredients. A few of our popular dishes include:

  • Gorditas with rice and beans - seasoned Ground beef and patato stuffed in a corn Gordita with lettuce and tomatoes.
  • Chili Colorado burritos
  • Chili verde burritos
  • Discada tacos
  • Tinga (tacos, quesadillas or tostadas)

A few of our popular drinks include:
  • Horchata
  • Strawberry Horchata
  • Atole

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